At The Store

Enter Our Contest to Have Lunch with Santa!

Taking a cue from the Juneau Radio Center (our advertising partner and who always has a contest running) we ran a contest leading up to the opening of the Christmas store for early admission – just getting in one hour early.  We had about 400 entries!  That’s right 400 entries just to get in one hour early!  Wow.  And the 20 winners and their guest came early, were served breakfast and coffee, and had a great time!

So, our next contest is lunch with Santa and Ms. Claus!  That’s right, we have made a special request to the North Pole for Santa and Ms. Claus to join four lucky families (or you and three of your friends) for lunch in the St. Vincent Community Center (the home of the city’s Cold Weather Emergency Shelter during the cold nights).  The Center will be all decked out for Christmas. and not only will there be chance to kibitz with Santa and the Mrs. about the latest gossip at the North Pole – who saw Rudolph and Clarice and kissing under the mistletoe, who threw that snow ball at the head elf, etc.), there will be an opportunity to sit on sit on Santa’s lap and update him on you last minute wish list.  You will also get photos with Santa throughout the lunch.

Winners will be selected from entries made at the store (one entry per visit please) on noon on Thursday, December 19th.  The winner will depart the store at noon on Saturday, December 21 for the Community Center, and return by 2:00.  (Additional terms and conditions apply – ask for details at the store – the lawyer in me, made me say that…).

Our Holiday Gift Shop is Now Open!

New to the St, Vincent Christmas Store this year is our Holiday Gift Shop.  We just received a generous donation of the entire contents of a clothing store that ceased operations.  These are all new items (with their manufacturer tags attached).  Additionally, we have picked-out lots of other holiday gift ideas for you from donations and the store, and put them all back in the Christmas Store.  Come in and take a look.


Buy One Pair and Get One Pair Free Sale on Shoes!

We get a lot of shoes and boots in donations… A lot.  Our only problem is sorting, pricing and getting them on the floor (interested in volunteering at the store?).  But we did a big push.  So come on in and see what we have out!




New Store Hours for the Holidays

It seems that we are always asking guests to leave the store at closing, so with the start of holiday shopping we are adding an extra hour of shopping time.  Enjoy!

And, after church on Sunday, join some of our staff who wanted to work a few extra hours from noon to 5:00.  We might even fire up the popcorn machine…


The Famous St. Vincent Christmas Store is Open!

Finally, all the anticipation is over!  The famous St. Vincent Christmas Store is Open! Don’t miss the chance to be one of first to visit and see all the amazing things we have been storing for the last year.  However if yuo can’t get here right away, don’t fret – we have hundreds of boxes of Christmas donation that we will be restocking with all the way up to Christmas.  So, there will always be new items in the St. Vincent Christmas Store!

Tag Sales

If you are not sure how our tag sales work, you can check out my explanation here. All items in the store with blue tags (meaning they have been on the racks for at least two months) are 75% off, and all  items with yellow tag are 50% (meaning they have been on the racks for at least one month) are 50%.  Pink tagged times are priced as marked,  or according to the price charts around the store, as they have just come in from donations in the last month.



For the First  (and Last) Time Orange Tags on Sale!

We have been using those Dayglo orange price tags on all non-clothing items for years.   However, until we move to a point-of-sale (POS) system with bar-code tags next year, we are now using the same blue/yellow/pink price tags on all non-clothing items (thanks to a not-so-gentle push from our board store committee).  This means that everything in the store will be aged (i.e. marked down 50% after one month and then 75% after two months), along with the clothes.

However, there are still tons of items in the store with the old orange price tags.  So for the month of December, all these items will be 50% off.  And, yes, in January we will put what is left at 75% off.  BUT, the best of these orange tagged items will go first.  So come in now to get the “pick of the litter.”

BTW, the POS system will allow us to age inventory on a weekly basis (imagine that!), in addition to starting our customer loyalty program – which will include discounts based on purchases, notices of sales, and requests for notices of availability of new items (like sewing machines, shoes, etc.).



There is Always a Sale at St. Vincent Store

Everywhere you look in the St. Vincent Store you will something on sale right now .  Don’t miss out!  If you have not visited yet, this is a great time to come and see what all the talk is about.  When you head-out shopping, stop by us first to see if you have what you are looking for – at a fraction of the price!  And your purchases go back to your community, as we use proceeds from the store to provide monetary assistance, food, clothing, housing, and services to people in need in Juneau.







Every Saturday (and Sometimes During the Week)

Every Saturday through the holidays we have free fresh-popped (in coconut oil like the movie theaters) popcorn, lemonade, holiday cookies, eggnog, and hot-spiced apple cider!  Bring the whole family.





Guest Service Guiding Principles

We completed our initial training to meet our new Guest Service Guiding Principles.  You can help us by letting us know how we are doing.  Both positive and not-so positive feedback will be appreciated.  Send comments to






As part of our new Guest Service program you will find comment and suggestion cards on the front of store display case.  We would love to hear from you.  Of course, you can also email your comments and suggestions to me at