At The Store

Run In and Walk Out with a New (at least to you) Pair of Shoes

We had a lot shoes in the back, but now they mostly out on the floor.  Come in and check out our great selection.




All Kids Clothes Are 50% Off

Bring the whole family! Something for all the little ones.





Anything with Two Legs is 1/2 Off

This includes, of course, pants, underwear, shorts, swimwear, etc.  But also includes all toys with two legs, etc.






Peddle on Over and Try Out New Bike Rack!

For his Eagle Scout Project, Alex Wehe built us this really nifty bike rack.  Great time for a ride to the St. Vincent Store and try it out.


Tag Sales

If you are not sure how our tag sales work, you can check out my explanation here. All items in the store with pink tags (meaning they have been on the racks for at least two months) are 75% off, and all  items with blue tag are 50% (meaning they have been on the racks for at least one month) are 50%.  Yellow tagged times are priced as marked,  or according to the price charts around the store, as they have just come in from donations in the last month.


Getting Married?


You would be surprised how much (I know I was) wedding stuff we receive in donations at the St. Vincent Store, including beautifule wedding dresses.  If you are June bride on a budget, we are you wedding planning headquarters.


Don’t You Wish This Could be Your Wedding Dress?

Photos used by permission of photographer.
Copyright 2019 Jennifer Vashun.

It can!  Local photographer, Jennifer Vashun, borrowed this wedding dress from our collection for these amazing pictures.  It and others are available in the St. Vincent Bridal Boutique!







There is Always a Sale at St. Vincent Store

Everywhere you look in the St. Vincent Store you will something on sale right now .  Don’t miss out!  If you have not visited yet, this is a great time to come and see what all the talk is about.  When you head-out shopping, stop by us first to see if you have what you are looking for – at a fraction of the price!  And your purchases go back to your community, as we use proceeds from the store to provide monetary assistance, food, clothing, housing, and services to people in need in Juneau.





This, and Every, Saturday!


Every Saturday (unless we having a Van Stop by Juneau Radio Center and our Radio Spokesperson Angel Montgomery – then we also server fee hotdogs), we serve free hot-buttered popcorn and lemonade in the store, while you shop!

And Try the Popcorn from the New Popcorn Machine

We successfully sold the our 10-year old commercial popcorn machine (off to Hoonah…).  The new, larger commercial machine is installed.   We are also popping with coconut oil, instead of peanut oil (the 10-year old machine had always been used with peanut oil – before I knew about peanut allergies).  Coconut oil is what movie theatre use (and is pretty tasty).









Guest Service Guiding Principles

We are currently in training to meet our new Guest Service 7Guiding Principles.  You can help us by letting us know how we are doing.  Both positive and not-so positive feedback will be appreciated.  Send comments to






As part of our new Guest Service program you will find comment and suggestion cards on the front of store display case.  We would love to hear from you.  Of course, you can also email your comments and suggestions to me at